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How to Navigate Sober Living in San Antonio, TX

The words “sober living” carry a lot of weight. On their surface, they may refer to sober living houses or homes—environments created to provide safety and stability during drug or alcohol addiction recovery. On a deeper level, “sober living” might sound like a life sentence to someone with a less-than-optimistic view of their future. Or, for someone who sees clearly how addiction is affecting their life, those words might sound like a beacon of hope for the future. It’s true that a sober lifestyle is a lifelong endeavor, and it can also be something to look forward to.

There are many options for sober living in San Antonio, Texas, but not all of them will be right for you or your loved one. Support is key—and a good sober living program can play a crucial role in the healing process. In order to determine which sober living option is best for you or your family member, it’s important to understand the challenges involved and the factors that are critical for fostering sustainable sobriety.

The Challenges of Creating a Sober Lifestyle

Crafting a sustainable long-term plan for sobriety can be challenging after the months or years you have spent coping with addiction. Temptations abound in everyday life. Simply going for a walk in downtown San Antonio, for example, might mean passing by seven different bars. And annual events like Fiesta can provide all-too-ample an excuse to go out for “just one” drink. Even if you stay home, some relapse triggers may be difficult or even impossible to avoid, especially if family relations are strained or your home environment lacks privacy or safety.

And what happens if relapse occurs—what do you do then?

Attempting to formulate and follow through on a recovery plan all on your own is a heavy burden that tends to offer only a minimal chance of long-term success. On the other hand, a clinically supervised program offers just the opposite with meaningful structure and expert medical and emotional support. If a sober living home is worthy of the label “home,” safety and comfort are top priorities. In these programs, the potential for a positive outcome is significantly increased.

However, the extent to which you and your loved one will benefit from a sober living program depends heavily on the quality of the environment and the programming.

Critical Factors for Fostering Long-Term Addiction Recovery

Understanding the factors that can help or hinder long-term success and what solutions a good sober living program will offer can help you choose the best option. Here are some questions to ask—and the answers to listen for—when evaluating sober living options in San Antonio.

What therapeutic or clinical support do they offer? Even following the completion of a formal detox or rehab program, therapy and medical support can be vital for maintaining both psychological and physical health. While a sober living program may not be as intensive as rehab, an adept level of clinical oversight from experienced addiction specialists can promote structure and stability.
How safe is the environment? A sense of privacy and security is critical to the healing process. The house itself should feel safe and offer both private and communal areas. Ideally, it should also be located in a safe neighborhood.
How do they handle relapse? While relapse is certainly not a desirable outcome, it is not an uncommon occurrence. Unfortunately, many sober living facilities immediately eject members who fail to remain sober—which only serves to exacerbate the situation. Instead, look for a program that includes a relapse plan—not just for prevention, but also for providing some kind of support should relapse occur, such as referring individuals to an appropriate detox or rehab center.
What external support can they provide? Sober living isn’t just about staying sober while staying in the house; a good program should include help with things like obtaining a job, settling legal issues, or finding a third-party therapist to work with over the long term. 
What educational opportunities do they offer? Individuals in recovery can always benefit from gaining a better understanding of addiction and ways to cope, but so can their families. Do they offer literature to take home and read? A support line you can call for more information? Do they support family therapy, or provide recommendations for support groups?

A truly ideal sober living facility will be able to check all of these boxes and more. However, there are few that truly do. While a sober living home is certainly one option for individuals who may need a lower level of recovery support, in many cases, a formal rehab program may be preferable—particularly one that includes aftercare programming.

Forging a Path Toward Sober Living in San Antonio, TX

Creating a sober lifestyle isn’t the work of a moment. It is an ongoing effort that must be continually adapted to suit the natural evolution of your needs and goals over time.

The tools and techniques required for this effort take time to learn and to practice—and often require help in order to master them. This is where the more in-depth nature of a formal addiction rehab program comes into play. Both individual and group therapies, combined with physical movement and medical support, work together to improve overall wellness while increasing resilience.

Relapse will be seen as a learning opportunity rather than as grounds for expulsion. The end of rehab won’t mean the end of the recovery journey, either. A quality treatment plan will include an aftercare element, such as an alumni program, to help individuals stay connected both with what they learned in therapy and with the people who helped make their recovery possible.

Aren’t rehab programs more restrictive than sober living houses?

While one perceived advantage of sober living facilities is that they tend to allow residents to come and go as they please (within reason, sometimes with a curfew), an enlightened rehab facility won’t completely cut clients off from the outside world, either. In fact, the mark of quality addiction treatment programming is the inclusion of integrative activities that allow clients to maintain their connection with everyday life outside of the facility to ensure a smooth transition once the program is complete.

It is for this very reason that our programming here at New Choices Treatment Centers includes sober activity excursions, including trips to local attractions like McAllister Park, the San Antonio Zoo, Enchanted Rock, and more.

Sober living in San Antonio isn’t always easy—but then, sober living anywhere is rarely easy after living in the shadow of addiction. But the road to recovery is smoother, and the journey far simpler, with the aid of clinicians you can trust and an environment that fosters healing and growth.
New Choices Treatment Centers is a drug and addiction rehab facility located in the heart of sunny San Antonio. Our comprehensive care model combines innovative treatment modalities with a holistic view of recovery and includes relapse planning as well as aftercare programming. Contact us or call us today at (726) 888-7003 to learn more.