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Supportive Detox Centers in San Antonio, Texas

Recovery isn’t easy; finding a quality detoxification (detox) clinic should be. Recovery begins with detox, and that can be a challenging process for anyone. It’s the selection of where you or a loved one will go through the initial and most difficult steps toward recovery.

Whether it’s the first time or a means of recovering from a relapse, you need a professional drug or alcohol detox center that understands what you’re going through and how to support your whole health. That’s why it’s so important to find the right help and the right place to begin the healing journey.

If you’re looking for detox centers in San Antonio, TX, you have several options, but not all of them will be right for you or your loved one. At New Choices Treatment Centers, we offer specialized care and empathetic support throughout detox and beyond to help our patients build a strong foundation for lasting recovery.

Where Our Detox Facility Is Located

New Choices Treatment Centers operates a high-quality detox facility in San Antonio:

3050 Eisenhauer Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78209

We invite you to stop by and tour our detox facility to learn more about how we help each person endure the tumult of initial withdrawal and build a truly therapeutic and tranquil environment.

The right rehab facility will provide a safe, empathetic environment in which to build a lasting foundation for long-term recovery.

Our Approach to Detox: Compassionate, Dignified, and Private Care

Breaking the cycle of addiction requires care and attention that’s as unique as you. We believe “care” is as critical a component of health care as your health, and when you face the emotional and physical challenges of detox, you need the best environment possible that:

Offers a safe and supportive detox treatment plan.

Around-the-clock support from licensed and trained staff members.

On-site medical teams to manage detox with medication when necessary.

Behavioral guidance to help you through the mental crises that accompany detox.

We know how much courage it takes to accept help with addiction recovery. Often, addiction is seen as a simple poor choice or unwanted change, but that’s not true. True and lasting recovery comes from the immense courage and strength needed to endure initial detox. The same applies to incidents of relapse as well, and our detox clinic is here for every step of this trodden road.

We see it as our privilege to respectfully guide you or your loved one toward sustainable sobriety and a healthier, happier future. And, should you or your loved one need help at any given moment, a nurse will always be on the other side of the door, ready to offer their support.

That includes listening, comforting, talking, and crying with those in our care. We are here for you.

Do You Need Help With Finding a Supportive Detox Treatment Center?

We know that each person is unique and may require different resources to enter and begin detox. After all, entering detox is often the next step in a long line of actions taken to attain and remain drug- or alcohol-free.

For those suffering from addiction and not sure where to start, we have an exhaustive list of resources available online to help you, including resources from leading entities including:

  • The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.
  • The American Society of Addiction Medicine
  • Research-based guides shared by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
  • The American Psychological Association

Check out our recovery resources for information on national hotlines, guides for finding the right treatment center, choosing the right treatment options, and help navigating the complexities of insurance for our communities in and surrounding San Antonio.

Privacy and Comfort Are Integral to Our San Antonio Detox Program Facility

Communal living is common in detox facilities and can be among the most significant reasons someone forgoes detox. However, detox centers know that living through detox floods the mind with emotions, and a community is a vital resource for many. However, that is not equal to a total loss of privacy.

Trying to heal while constantly in close quarters with multiple strangers can sound daunting, to say the least. New Choices Treatment Centers takes this into account to build privacy, comfort, and quality of care into one experience:

Our detox facilities in San Antonio blend security and community with privacy. Communal areas are always open to anyone who wishes to participate in group activities and socialization. However, our bedroom suites include bathrooms as well as kitchen areas, and group participation is not required during the detox phase of recovery.

Our medical teams are always ready to intervene across all settings. Detox in our suites still means that a nurse, a team, and another person for support is merely steps away, and we’ll be there for you to intervene when and if you need us.

Will Health Insurance Cover Detox Clinic Treatment?

Health insurance is another common barrier to getting help. And this is a complicated question. Some insurance plans may have unique requirements, such as additional approvals to complete detox in our facility.

Our team can help you through the verification process, which can be completed online as well, and we’ll be there to help you cross the “t’s” and dot the “i’s” when needed.


Why New Choices Treatment Centers Is the Safest Option for Detox in San Antonio

Detox can be difficult, even dangerous in some cases. Alcohol detox can cause life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, but those symptoms can be managed with proper medical intervention. Even those living with milder symptoms benefit from expertly trained medical intervention to help with the tribulations of drug and alcohol detox.

Additional ways New Choices Treatment Centers creates a safer environment include:

  • Around-the-clock medical and psychological support from our team.
  • Highly personalized treatment plans of care.
  • Unique treatment environments that protect your privacy and sense of well-being.

While hospitals and some clinics do offer detox support, a drug and alcohol detox center can offer the advantage of greater specialization and personalization of your unique treatment—and a higher quality of care as a result.

Our nurses at the New Choices Treatment Centers facility in San Antonio have all worked in the substance abuse disorder field for almost five years. With each passing day, their wisdom and experience in providing a unique, personalized approach to detox grows.

As such, they are well-equipped to help guide you or your loved one safely through the unique challenges of detox and recovery, whether you come to us only to detox or to seek longer-term addiction help.

Many of those that have completed detox at New Choices Treatment Centers go on to participate in our intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) as part of our long-term pathway to sobriety.