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Laredo, TX, is a study in growth. Founded in 1775, the small village later became the capital city of the Republic of the Rio Grande. Today, it’s one of Texas’s most populous and historically rich cities. Locals have a wealth of sights to see and things to do all year round, including attending one of the biggest annual festivals in the U.S.

This can be a bit of a mixed blessing. However, if you struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, need a Laredo rehab center, or are looking for rehab centers in Laredo, TX. There’s nothing like a big party to trigger cravings, and a good bar or nightclub is rarely more than a block away if you’re out on the town.

The temptation is always there, and it can be challenging to fight day in and day out when it is such a constant reminder and distraction from your mental health.

While there are several rehabilitation centers in Laredo, these may not necessarily be the best options for you or your loved one. Many centers today offer a one-size-fits-all approach and that is not an effective or successful way to treat addiction and promote long-term recovery through our rehab programs.

Each addiction story is unique, just as every recovery journey is different, so the treatment and care approach must also be personalized.

At New Choices Treatment Centers, we’re dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive care to anyone who needs it. With innovative, individualized programming in a safe, beautifully designed facility in nearby sunny San Antonio, we’re an obvious treatment choice for you or your loved one. We offer a range of service options, including in-patient, outpatient, and even remote services for mobile addiction in Laredo. We invite you to see why we are the name more people trust when searching for addiction and recovery rehabs in Laredo, TX.

How Far Is New Choices Treatment Centers From Laredo, TX?

Our rehabilitation center is located just about three hours away from Laredo by car (four hours by bus) at:

3050 Eisenhauer Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78209

To get directions or learn more about our facility, please contact or call us at (726) 888-7003 or online anytime. You can also schedule a tour of our facilities!

Inclusive and Compassionate Addiction Treatment

No matter how near or far our loved ones may be, we want to know they are safe and well. Even a city just a three-hour drive away up I-35 can seem painfully distant if you’re worried or unsure. If your family member seeks treatment at New Choices Treatment Centers, you can rest easy knowing they’re in good hands.

Our expert team of experienced addiction specialists is trained to provide the highest quality of empathetic care. We are proud of our reputation for personalized care and offer the best addiction treatment services in the area. We can help you through our family support system and your loved one on their road to recovery.

Our individual treatment programs and health services target personal triggers, addictions, and thought or behavioral processes to address the underlying cause of the addictive behavior.

Your loved one will be treated with attention and respect throughout their stay with us at our treatment centers and can look forward to healing and growing at their own pace. This is all possible within a secure, judgment-free environment and treatment options tailored to each individual’s needs.

We welcome clients of all colors and creeds and offer adaptable, inclusive programming that is not tied to any one belief system or cultural background. Our number one priority is the safety and well-being of our clients as we help them in their addiction recovery journey.

New Choices Spacious Common Areas

How comprehensive is addiction treatment at New Choices Treatment Centers?

We believe that addiction treatment requires a holistic approach that addresses not only the physical elements of addiction but also the mental and emotional facets. Recovery means more than simply stopping use; it means recognizing and healing from underlying factors that may be triggering use in the first place.

Our goal is to help our clients find a new, healthier path forward. To that end, we take an innovative approach to treatment that combines traditional talk therapies with physical movement and mindfulness activities. This promotes healing on all fronts and offers our clients their best chance at lasting recovery.

Individualized Pathways to Addiction Recovery

Not every rehabilitation center in Laredo, Texas, will be the right fit for every client, and no two addiction treatment programs will look the same—because no two people heal from addiction in precisely the same way. Our programming at New Choices Treatment Centers is highly individualized—adaptable to suit our client’s unique needs and goals.

By tailoring our programming to each individual, we can provide the highest quality of care—and the highest chance of long-term success—for every client.

Creating Meaningful Change and Empowering a New Way of Life

Our residential treatment facilities offer a balance between socialization and individual privacy. Group therapies, as well as individual therapies, both play important roles in treatment, and clients have access to private quarters as well as communal spaces.

Your loved one will not be cut off from the outside world; we encourage integration between therapy and daily life and regularly take our clients out on fun local excursions to further emphasize the importance of staying connected.

And, yes, you will be able to stay in touch. In fact, we allow and strongly support family participation in our clients’ addiction recovery journeys. We consider family programming a critical building block of most treatment plans.

If you are searching for a nearby rehabilitation center and need help from trusted drug rehab centers in Laredo, we are here to help! We offer individual therapy, support groups, and family counseling plans. As important as personal motivation and commitment to recovery, the support of family members is, without a doubt, just as crucial to ongoing recovery.

The Best Rehabilitation Centers Near Laredo, Texas, Is One You Trust

Whether you’re looking for an addiction rehabilitation center near Laredo for yourself or a loved one, trust is the most important thing. Addiction specialists are caretakers of a person’s well-being and future. Only the right rehab center can provide the foundation necessary for long-term recovery.

We utilize an individualized and evidence-based approach to treating substance abuse and addiction. Our goal is to stand with every individual who comes to us. We celebrate the victories of every person who has received treatment at our centers.

At New Choices Treatment Centers, we know trust is built on truth, and the truth is this: we will always put our clients’ well-being first.