San Antonio Drug Addiction Treatment Services

We provide an intentional combination of evidence-based practices in conjunction with innovative experiential treatment modalities that are designed to support clients in discovering  their individual strengths and access the power within to discover a pathway  to long term recovery and a new life.

You Deserve Something Different

We transformed the treatment center model to build something different for you. In collaboration with local community experts, Master Level Therapist, Doctors and Business Leaders, we created The Camino Pathway Program.

You Are Powerful

We value you and recognize the need to heal your mind, body and spirit. During your treatment, you will experience an array of therapies to address all three. We support each client in creating an individualized journey and treatment plan towards their recovery.

You Can Recover

Through the use of our strategic living map, you will develop a personalized recovery plan, that will set a course for lifelong success. To maximize your potential, we will help guide you by providing a safe, nurturing and effective treatment environment.

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You need to live different, so we built something different



Our team designed each room in our courtyard-style community with your experience in mind. From the linens to the artwork, you have a place to relax, reflect and recover. During your treatment stay, you and one other guest share an entire apartment. Your experience will include time throughout the center including downtime in the recreation room, lessons in the chef’s kitchen, yoga in the mindfulness studio or relaxing in the courtyard.

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