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San Antonio, Texas, Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery

At New Choices Treatment Center, our mission is to empower individuals struggling with substance use disorder and alcohol addiction by providing clinically-driven, personalized care that fosters lasting recovery and personal growth.

Treatment Tailored to Your Lifestyle

At New Choices, we offer a comprehensive range of evidence-based treatment programs, including detox, residential, intensive outpatient, and outpatient services, tailored to meet each client’s unique needs and journey to sobriety.

Recovery is Possible With New Choices.

You are capable and deserving of a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. At New Choices, we empower you to break free from addiction’s grip and rediscover your authentic self. Our dedicated professionals walk alongside you, providing the tools, support, and therapeutic interventions to facilitate lasting transformation.

OVER 90% of residential treatment clients maintain sobriety one year after completing our program

At New Choices Treatment Center, we pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering exceptional, evidence-based care that facilitates meaningful, lasting recovery for our clients. Our comprehensive approach, rooted in clinical expertise and personalized attention, has yielded impressive outcomes:

Just by coming through the front gates you have more courage and strength than you know! Keep an open mind to the group sessions and 1 on 1’s. Keep an open mind to the counselors, techs, nurses and doctors. All are designed and available to help you.


Continue to refine the “true” story. You are stronger than you know! Stay the course!


This place has truly changed my life and I could not be more grateful. I have met some of the best people I’ve ever known here, and sticking together we will only grow in our sobriety. We got this!


know you’re scared. It’s a scary moment in your life. Maybe you feel as though everything you have has crumbled. Rest assured you are in the right place.


Passionate Professionals, Transformative Care

Our multidisciplinary team of compassionate experts, including medical doctors, nurses, licensed counselors, and certified specialists, collaborate to provide comprehensive, individualized care. With a shared passion for empowering recovery, we create a nurturing environment that fosters healing, growth, and long-term success.

Recovery is Possible With New Choices.

At New Choices Treatment Center, we believe treatment should be affordable and accessible to everyone ready to recover. We take all Optum and Beacon treatment plans that have out-of-network benefits — Harvard Pilgrim, and UMR.

When you’re ready to create a brighter future with new, healthier choices, we’re here to help.

Recovery is possible with new choices.