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Supporting a Loved One’s Addiction Recovery Starts With Easy Rehab Admissions

The most supportive thing you can do for a friend or family member struggling with addiction is to find them the transformational help they need. The first step begins with admission to appropriate treatment programs and treatment facilities specializing in addiction recovery. Rehab admissions are the first step in recovery and healing, and NCTC is proud to have one of the easiest and most supportive rehab admission processes in the state for San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

At our alcohol and drug rehab centers, your loved one will experience the highest care quality in an environment designed to provide comfort and security. We take all treatment admissions seriously, and your loved one will be given one-on-one attention and support to make a successful transition into recovery.

Drug rehab admissions can be intimidating, especially with so much pressure and uncertainty present. Making the admission process more accessible and creating a supportive experience from the very start is our primary goal with all of our substance abuse treatment administration and care processes.

Rehab Admissions Sets a Plan Substance Abuse Treatment and Medical Care

Our team of professionals is available 24/7 to ensure safe detox and recovery, and our compassionate care model revolves around putting our client’s best interests at the heart of all we do. We recognize that addiction treatment is a medical diagnosis and may require medical intervention to manage withdrawal symptoms and enhance chances for a successful recovery.

Every individual who comes to us seeking help has a unique story to tell and a unique path they are walking, Our drug rehab admissions protocols are designed to set the tone for their experience with NCTC. On-site medical staff will closely monitor your vital signs and symptoms to lessen the risk of adverse events, including cardiovascular stress, when you begin your journey towards sobriety and addiction-free living. We’ll walk hand-in-hand with you throughout the process and answer any questions you may have about addiction treatments and rehab in general.

Further, our facilities are designed with comfort in mind to create a conducive environment for those that want an apartment-like feel to substance abuse treatment admissions processes. This helps to build trust and total rehab admissions faster and more effectively.

Our rehab admissions process also carefully evaluates the acuity of addiction and identifies what medical interventions may be necessary to support each person in their journey toward sobriety. Starting off the substance abuse treatment admissions process on the right foot can set the tone for the entire recovery process, which is why we put so much emphasis on our drug and alcohol addiction treatment services.

Family Support Is Part of Our Treatment Plan

You can rest easy knowing your loved one will be in good hands from the very moment they begin the rehab admissions process here at NCTC. We understand that family involvement plays a key role in recovery, which is why our programming includes family therapy sessions to foster healing for both individuals and families. Additionally, there is a local family support group that meets once a week, and our admissions coordinator can help you with learning more about the role of the family in supporting recovery. Drug and alcohol rehab is most successful with a strong support system in place, both at the addiction centers and at home. If you’d like to visit our facility and learn more about our rehab admissions processes for yourself before checking your loved one in, feel free to take a virtual tour. Alternatively, you may call us at (726) 888-7003 to learn about our on-site amenities, programming, and more.

Trauma-Informed Services

New Choices Treatment Centers takes every consideration to help people that have endured hardships and trauma from many walks of life. We are conscientious of those that have faced adversity as LGBTQIA+ community members, as well as veterans that have seen and experienced the trauma on and off the battlefield. We’ve helped people who have turned to addiction following grief and loss, and these two communities are only a fraction of our diverse and supportive alumni network that will help you thrive after trauma.

We value each person from all walks of life and regardless of any life event, creed, religion, orientation, or other identifying factor. We believe that we are stronger together and united against addiction.

Regardless of your struggle, we work together to help you understand the causes of addiction, how your experiences have led to this point, and the next steps to full recovery. Above all else, know your trauma doesn’t define you, and we will help you overcome the hardships of your past and those of your future with a clear, sober mind.

Does Insurance Cover Alcohol Rehab or Substance Abuse Treatment?

Not all facilities can accept all insurance companies, but New Choices Treatment Centers WORKS WITH ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES!

This approach allows us to serve the greater good and make our addiction treatment center accessible and available to those in need.

We offer online benefits verification and on-call intake coordinators to assist you throughout the admissions process.

  1. Submit your information through our online form or call us now.

2. Your admissions coordinator will reach out to discuss your coverage options and the next steps for helping yourself or your loved one begin the road to recovery.

We are unable at this time to work with Medicare or Medicaid.

We will work to provide you with all relevant policy information as quickly as possible. Generally, we can secure all policy information in a few minutes.

While we can work with most insurance carriers, policy coverage may vary. We’ll also work together to identify copayments, coinsurance costs, and other factors affecting your total cost of admission. Be sure to ask about insurance providers and payment options when you contact us for your rehab admissions.

We also realize that an inability to pay should never be a reason for allowing substance use disorders to run unchecked. If an individual plan will not cover the cost of rehabilitation, we offer cash payment options and, in certain circumstances, can offer reduced-fee scholarships.

We make every effort to ensure that every person who contacts us can receive treatment. Please contact us if you have any questions about your health coverage or eligibility. If you or a loved one needs professional care and personalized rehabilitation, we invite you to come and see why NCTC is the local addiction center more people trust for drug, addiction, and alcohol rehab services.

Our Intake and Admissions Coordinators will help you to understand your healthcare coverage and work to find a treatment solution that best fits your needs. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and at ease the moment you step foot in our admissions centers. Get started today and see what living life without mental health and addiction issues can genuinely feel like.
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