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Innovative Drug and Alcohol Treatment near Austin, Texas

The New Choices Treatment Centers is a comprehensive addiction treatment center in San Antonio, TX. Our location means we’re one of the premier drug treatment centers in Austin’s service area. We are committed to offering the best in Residential and Outpatient through traditional and holistic treatments. But is our center right for your recovery and choices in the alcohol treatment centers in Austin? Here are a few questions to ask yourself first:

  • Are you or a loved one suffering from alcohol or substance abuse?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and finding it difficult to embark on the road to recovery?
  • Are you looking for someone who genuinely cares and tailors a program for you?
  • Do you need an inclusive program?
  • If you are in Austin or San Antonio come and take a tour of our facilities at New Choice Treatment Centers.
  • Do you need a holistic approach to your alcohol addiction?

Addiction treatment centers are more widely available today than ever, but only some options will be the best for you or your loved one. Perhaps you’ve attempted to find help professionally or you have sought family support before. Still, perhaps it was ineffective, but you are now ready to prioritize your mental health and you are hopeful but hesitant to try again. Or perhaps you’re seeking recovery support for the first time and are looking for evidence-based treatment approaches.

We have multiple options for treating substance abuse and other addictions, but why should you choose New Choices Treatment Centers?

  • Highly trained staff who are dedicated and in one of the finest addiction treatment centers in San Antonio and surrounding areas.
  • Comprehensive and inclusive care is available even for chronic relapsers, and for help in those battling a dual diagnosis too.
  • Offers a safe and comfortable space in which you or a loved one can begin their road to recovery victoriously.
Drug and Alcohol Treatment near Austin

How do I get to New Choices Treatment Centers?

New Choices Treatment Centers is located in the heart of the beautiful city of San Antonio. Our new facilities are located less than two hours away from Austin, TX, at:

3050 Eisenhauer Rd.

San Antonio, TX 78209

We also offer transportation between Austin and our treatment center.

Call us at (726) 888-7003 or contact us online to learn more.

Inclusive Addiction Treatment and Individualized Programming

Everyone deserves the chance to heal and build a foundation for lasting recovery. However, we also understand that each person’s story is unique—and the ideal path to recovery may look very different from one person to another.

When an individual needs support and help due to alcohol addiction or substance abuse they need non-judgemental, inclusive help. At New Choices Treatment Centers admissions are made regardless of the client’s background or beliefs.

Every human being is unique; therefore, their treatment must have an individualistic approach. Personal goals are assessed and individual needs are given importance. Throughout the treatment process, your progress or the progress of your loved one is reassessed and changes to the treatment are made accordingly. Thus the best possible treatment and support are ensured at all times.

What Treatment Options Are available?

New Choices Treatment Centers offers an innovative, comprehensive care program. They include:

Detox Support

This is the first step towards recovery, so it can be challenging for the client and their family. There may be incidents where medical or mental crises that you or your friend going through detox may encounter. These situations warrant the need for caring and trained staff members who are available on-site 24×7.

Residential Treatment

A planned and organized approach to alcohol and drug rehab recovery is essential along with a stable and inpatient program. Our residential program encourages mutual support and has an in-built program to help your loved one form new ways of living, right from the beginning. The residential Treatment Program is a long-term option and can take up to a few weeks especially if you are the one you care for has a dual diagnosis. Traditional and alternative therapies are offered at our drug and alcohol treatment centers in South Texas.

Outpatient Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment (IOP) is a continued care outpatient program that increases your chances of recovery. The program is for those individuals who have completed the in-patient program and started integrating into society. They have most probably resumed their work or volunteerism and find joy in their everyday activities.

Active in Recovery Coaching

This program combines the healing benefits of movement with behavioral and social therapies. This multi-faceted program helps clients address the roots of their addictions while empowering them to build their foundations for sustainable recovery one day at a time.

Setting the Stage for Long-Term Addiction Recovery

San Antonio may not be the city you call home, but our cozy living facilities offer enough comfort and privacy to be a worthy “home away from home” during your stay here. Each courtyard apartment is uniquely designed and includes a private bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living area, with no more than two people sharing an apartment at any time. These spacious quarters ensure you or your loved one will always have enough space to reflect, relax, and rejuvenate outside of group activities.

Our communal areas are, likewise, designed to provide peace of mind as well as physical comfort. Mindfulness and yoga rooms, contemplation ponds, and rec rooms will all play their parts in creating an environment that promotes personal growth and mental and physical healing.

How does New Choices Treatment Centers prepare clients for returning to everyday life after treatment?

Whether enduring drug or alcohol rehab, the trick to success is commitment and preparing to return to society in health. That includes our robust series of programs and features that help give you the tools to make a successful transition. These include:

Sober Excursions

While balancing the private and group areas and activities in our facilities we also help keep our clients in touch with the outside world. Thus they can practice their skills in the outside world while going through their recovery program. The shock that is experienced by addicts thus is mitigated. One of the ways we facilitate this is by having fun and sober excursions exploring San Antonio and experiencing the clean fun it has to offer. This way clients remain physically active and visit places they have been before but with a new perspective, free from addictions.

Alumni Program

This program allows clients to benefit from all the support that our staff, facilities, and community have to offer after the initial treatment period has ended. This is done through weekly meetings with peers, and sober social events and celebrations.

We’re a Truly Compassionate Drug and Alcohol Treatment Near Austin, Texas

Perhaps the only thing more daunting than deciding to seek addiction treatment is deciding to leave the comfort and familiarity of home to do it. We recognize the courage and dedication it takes to make these decisions, and we consider it our duty to honor your decision by providing the best care—and the best outcomes—possible throughout your or your loved one’s duration of treatment.

Your options for finding drug and alcohol treatment near Austin, TX, are by no means limited—it is a lucky world we live in that so many people have so many options for building and sustaining their recovery path. But if you are looking for the best way forward, look just a little farther afield than the treatment facility next door; it could make all the difference in your or your loved one’s life.

There is no shame in seeking help;