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When “Winter Texans” migrate south for the colder months, they may come for the warm climate and the Winter Texan Appreciation Fiesta, but many stay for various reasons. For some, the draw is the lively cultural scene, the music, and the culinary adventures to be had south of San Antonio; for others, the experience lies in the outdoors, by the shores of Falcon Lake and beneath the blue skies of The World Birding Center.

No matter why you call this area home when you or a loved one needs help with addiction rehab, inpatient and outpatient treatments, and related services, NCTC is the place to turn for personalized care and support. Regarding rehab in South Texas, we are proud to be the name more residents trust for supportive, friendly, and compassionate addiction recovery.

And for others still, it’s a place of healing—a place to make new choices for the future and recover from past difficulties. While it may not be everyone’s first association with the region, the best drug rehab centers in South Texas can provide the perfect environment to move beyond substance abuse and find a new path forward. At New Choices Treatment Centers, we’re dedicated to helping you—or your loved one—do just that with our unique addiction recovery approach and one-of-a-kind support program, unique to our rehab in South Texas.

Where in South Texas is New Choices Treatment Centers located?

South Texas rehab services are in high demand these days. You can find New Choices Treatment Centers and get personalized addiction recovery support at:

3050 Eisenhauer Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78209

To learn more about our facility, programming, or location, call us at (726) 888-7003 or contact us online anytime.

An Inspired Approach to Addiction Recovery

Progress is one of the very few constants in modern medicine. Addiction treatment, in particular, has come a long way over the years. At our rehab center in South Texas, you or your loved one will have access to both tried-and-true traditional therapies and innovative new healing approaches—all of which are evidence-based and proven to be powerful tools for recovery.

This is because our number one priority is always our client’s well-being, and finding the right mix of tools and techniques for each individual is vital to that cause.

Our innovative approaches to addiction therapy ensure you or your loved one will always have access to the best possible options for recovery.

With our one-of-a-kind approach to South Texas rehabilitation treatments, we are committed to addressing individual needs and goals and creating unique treatment plans for every client.

What steps are taken to promote lasting recovery after treatment?

At New Choices Treatment Centers, we understand that active treatment is only part of the larger picture of recovery. As such, we integrate life skills training and sober South Texas excursions into our programming, ensuring our clients never lose touch with the outside world—or their long-term goals for thriving in it.

We also offer discharge planning services, including:

NCTC wants to be the light in the darkness that ensures you or your loved one will always have a safe, encouraging community to return to whenever you need extra support as you continue moving forward. When you are searching for proven and practical help with addiction recovery and rehab in South Texas, we hope you come to us in your time of need.

Compassionate Addiction Treatment in a Supportive Community

Healing from addiction isn’t just about cleansing your system of a substance or recovering physically from substance abuse. Proper addiction treatment is holistic, encompassing the emotional elements of healing as well as the physical. For this reason, we select our staff based on their extensive experience or expertise and ability to provide quality, empathetic care for every client that walks through our doors.

Our private quarters and shared meditation rooms provide quiet, comfortable spaces to reflect on progress made and possibilities for the future. Our central courtyard offers a beautiful open space perfect for reconnecting with nature and reaping the various health benefits of outdoor time. And our communal dining rooms are the ideal setting to enjoy a healthy, delicious meal and connect personally with peers walking similar roads to recovery.

How Inclusive Are New Choices Treatment Centers?

South Texas is home to people of many different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds—and that’s one of the things we love about it. Our doors are open to whoever needs treatment, and our programming is designed with inclusivity in mind to ensure equal opportunity for healing and growth for all our clients.

Our facility, modeled after other successful South Texas rehab hospital centers, too, is designed with this dedication to compassionate care in mind. Whatever addiction you struggle with, our knowledgeable and supportive team members can help you navigate your unique and personalized recovery path. Likewise, if you or your loved one has unique needs that must be fulfilled—such as accessibility considerations or dietary restrictions—we will do our utmost to satisfy those requirements. And if we can’t, we’ll help connect you with a South Texas rehab facility that can.

Effective, Empowering Drug Rehab in South Texas

We at New Choices Treatment Centers believe that our job isn’t merely to heal you or your loved one—to help you find the tools and strength you need to heal yourself and forge your path to recovery. Our compassionate care treatment model is designed to be comprehensive and highly individualized.

We tailor our programming to your needs at every turn so that you know you’ll be heading in the right direction, no matter where you’re headed after treatment. And, if you ever feel lost, we’ll be here to help you find your way back with our unique and proven approach to addiction recovery, available at our South Texas rehab hospital center.

Choose New Choices Treatment Centers if you need help finding a drug rehab center in South Texas. We would like to schedule a treatment consultation and find the best way forward. Call New Choices Treatment Centers at (726) 888-7003.


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