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Inpatient Services at New Choices Treatment Center

Learn more about our comprehensive inpatient treatment services and how they empower sustainable healing.

We Are Committed to Your Recovery

At New Choices Treatment Center (NCTC), we understand that taking the first step toward recovery can be daunting. 

Addiction is a chronic, treatable disease that impacts every aspect of a person’s life. However, you don’t have to walk this journey alone. Our compassionate team has helped countless individuals and families in San Antonio find their way to lasting sobriety and healing. 

Who We Are

New Choices Treatment Center is a leading provider of substance use disorder (SUD) treatment in San Antonio, Texas. Our mission is to empower those struggling with addiction to achieve lifelong recovery through personalized, evidence-based care.

We are guided by our core values of honesty, integrity, and creating a supportive, family-oriented environment. You can rely on our experienced staff to treat you with dignity and respect every step of the way.

What Sets Us Apart

What sets us apart is our clinically-focused approach rather than strictly following the 12-step model. We offer intimate, home-like accommodations where you feel comfortable and cared for. Our staff is not only highly trained but truly passionate about helping those impacted by the disease of addiction.

Our Approach to Addiction Recovery

At NCTC, we understand that addiction is a chronic yet treatable disease that requires comprehensive support. Recovery is possible, but it takes courage, commitment, and the right tools. That’s why we tailor our treatment plans to meet your unique needs, goals, and circumstances.

Our philosophy is grounded in holistic healing of the mind, body, and spirit. We don’t just treat the symptoms of addiction, but address the underlying issues to help you build a solid foundation for lifelong sobriety. 

We’re here to empower you with the skills, strategies, and support system necessary to maintain recovery and live your best life.

Inpatient Services: Treatment Overview

Our inpatient or residential treatment program provides a safe, structured living environment away from the triggers and stresses of daily life. With 24/7 medical monitoring and support from our attentive staff, you can focus solely on your recovery.

Inpatient care includes a comprehensive therapeutic program designed to promote physical healing, psychological growth, and lifestyle changes. 

We aim to treat the whole person through a combination of:

Evidence-based therapies

Experiential activities

Supportive services

Collaborative healing

What to Expect From Our Inpatient Services

From the moment you arrive at our welcoming facility, you’ll be embraced by a compassionate, judgment-free atmosphere. Our staff strives to make you feel at home while providing the highest level of clinical care.

Your personalized treatment plan may include:

  • Individual counseling: One-on-one sessions with your therapist to explore root causes, process emotions, and develop coping strategies tailored to your needs. We utilize evidence-based approaches like CBT and DBT.
  • Group therapy: Supportive group sessions foster connection, accountability, and interpersonal growth. You’ll learn from others’ experiences and perspectives.
  • Family therapy: When appropriate, we involve loved ones in the healing process through family counseling sessions. Repairing strained relationships is vital for lasting recovery.

Holistic Options Included in Inpatient Services

To nurture holistic healing of your mind, body, and spirit, we incorporate:

Our experiential and holistic offerings provide creative outlets for self-discovery while developing critical life skills for sustainable well-being in recovery.

Nutrition and Exercise in Inpatient Services

Proper nutrition and physical activity are essential components of the healing process as well. You’ll enjoy delicious, chef-prepared meals and have access to our state-of-the-art fitness center and recreational activities.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Inpatient Services

If you’re struggling with a dual diagnosis or co-occurring mental health disorder like depression or anxiety, you’ll receive integrated treatment to address both issues at the same time. Our goal is to provide comprehensive care that supports your whole health.

Aftercare Planning

As you progress through treatment, we’ll work closely with you to develop an aftercare plan. This may include referrals to community resources, sober living arrangements, continuing outpatient therapy, alumni support services, and more. 

We want to ensure you have the tools and support system in place for a successful transition to independent living in recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Inpatient Services

Below are some commonly asked questions regarding inpatient services:

The length of your inpatient stay will depend on your individual needs and progress. Typical programs range from 30-90 days, but we customize your treatment plan for the best possible outcomes. Our goal is to provide you with the foundation for lifelong recovery.

While structured for your healing, our inpatient services strive to create a warm, home-like environment. Your days will include a variety of:

  • Evidence-based therapies
  • Experiential activities
  • Supportive services

You’ll also have ample time for rest, reflection, and building connections with peers.

We believe family involvement and repairing strained relationships are vital components of recovery. When appropriate, we provide family therapy sessions to facilitate:

  • Healing
  • Education
  • Improved communication

Your loved ones are an important part of your support system.

Prior to completing inpatient services, our team will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive aftercare plan. This may include referrals for:

  • Outpatient therapy
  • Sober living arrangements
  • Community resources
  • Alumni support services, and more

We want to ensure you have the tools and support system for lasting sobriety.

If you are struggling with a co-occurring mental health issue like depression or anxiety in addition to substance abuse, you’ll receive integrated treatment. 

Our compassionate team utilizes specialized therapies to address both your addiction and mental health needs at the same time for whole-person healing.

Our Inpatient Services Treatment Approach

At the core of our inpatient services are evidence-based therapies proven to be highly effective in treating substance use disorders. 

These include:

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): CBT helps you identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors related to addiction.

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT): DBT teaches mindfulness, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness skills.

Trauma-informed approach: We recognize that many people struggle with unresolved trauma that contributes to addictive behaviors. Therapies like eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) can help you process and heal from past traumatic experiences.

Experiential therapies: These provide creative outlets for expression, personal growth, and developing healthy coping mechanisms. From art and music to recreation and horticulture therapy, these activities nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

Most importantly, your treatment will be highly individualized based on a comprehensive assessment and your personal goals. You’ll work closely with your treatment team to create a plan that addresses your specific challenges, needs, and aspirations.

Getting Started

Taking that first, courageous step is often the hardest part of the journey. We strive to make the admissions process as simple and supportive as possible. Our compassionate intake coordinators will guide you through every step, answering any questions you may have.

We are in-network with most major insurance providers, including:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna, and many more

This allows us to maximize the benefits you’re entitled to and keep outstanding costs to a minimum. If you don’t have insurance, we can discuss self-pay options that work within your means.

Take the First Step

You have the courage to change your life, and our team is ready to walk alongside you on this transformative journey.

For more information about our inpatient services, call New Choices Treatment Center today for a free, confidential consultation. One of our caring admissions navigators will listen to your story, explain our programs in detail, and start developing a personalized plan for your recovery.

Don’t let addiction control your life any longer. Regain your health, rediscover your passions, and rebuild meaningful connections with those you love. The path to healing begins when you make the choice to seek help.