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We Offer Full Family Support for Addiction

At New Choices Treatment Centers, we prioritize supporting our clients and their families throughout our program. While we prioritize our Active in Recovery (AIR) program, we also recognize the importance of family support in recovery. Family support plays a vital role in the health and well-being of all people, especially those in recovery. Family support groups for addicts are a useful tool in rebuilding relationships.

A 2022 study published in Frontiers in Psychiatry explored the importance of family in recovery. “Family function not only had a direct association with relapse tendency. But it also indirectly related to relapse tendency through self-esteem and resilience.” Thus, family participation is an essential step to relapse prevention.

Clients’ family members will be encouraged to participate in our family programming and individual family counseling whenever appropriate. This is a vital step toward success in recovery and building a solid foundation for your future.

The purpose of the addiction treatment program is to create a safe and supportive environment for families. Family members gain a new understanding of themselves.

They learn how addiction affects them. Above all, it’s important to remember that addiction affects the families of addicts.

How Addiction Support Groups for Family Create Long-Term Success in Recovery

Our family program is held monthly in a group session. This session touches on various subjects to support those struggling with addiction, including:

Family Dynamics

No two families are the same. The dynamics of any family can fall by the wayside when a family member is struggling with addiction. We work together to help you understand your role in supporting one another.


We all understand that communication is also critical to a healthy family dynamic. New Choices Treatment Centers will work to build healthy communication habits and an understanding of non-verbal communication as well.

Behavioral Changes

Our family support groups for addicts also work to understand and address behavioral changes necessary to enable recovery. Behaviors are both a precursor and a result of addiction. Successful addictions treatment will help all understand how to focus these behaviors and

Family Recovery.

Our team works together to help your family recover from the harm caused by addiction. This approach ensures we’re able to build the greatest chance for success in your road to recovery as well.

Special Community Guest Speakers.

On occasion, we also host special community guest speakers. This includes alumni of the New Choices Treatment Centers programs. Further, this helps your family know that they’re not alone and have support.

Monthly individual family sessions are encouraged when clinically appropriate. Individual sessions will touch on these subjects in a more personalized setting. Plus, this is a great way to dig deeper into the uniqueness of your family.

New Choices Addiction Family Support Groups

NCTC offers a monthly family education program for family members to attend in person. The program is held one weekend out of the month on Saturday and Sunday. Families are expected to attend both days.


The answer is simple. Whether participating in our IOP or RTC program, we value connections, and connection with family is essential to positive mental health.

The value gained through this added level of addiction support helps your family learn about addiction and how other programs. There are many different addiction programs in the world. And your family may not understand their differences and value.

They may be aware of 12-step programs, narcotics or alcoholics anonymous, or group meetings. But, through our program, they understand what they mean to those struggling with addiction.

The program will begin at 9 AM on both days. Families will be allowed to eat lunch on-site on Saturday. You see the healthy diet food selection we offer those receiving treatment. You’ll also learn about diet’s impact on recovery too.

Together, you’ll build the tools and resources to start thinking about life after detox. Once the program completes on Sunday, families can visit their loved ones until 5 PM.

Virtual Family Program for Substance Use Disorders’ Recovery Too

We understand that a weekly in-person commitment can be draining. We also realize that there may be times when family members are ill or unable to attend. That’s why we offer a virtual family addiction support program throughout the month as well.

On weekends when we do not hold the family program, the fully online program is available. Virtual support groups meet from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM. The login for this group is available by contacting our staff at (726) 888-7003.

Please note that the virtual program is not accessible during the in-person weekend programs. If you’re still unsure, consider booking a tour of our facility and programs today.