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Addiction recovery is a challenging journey, but it can be enriched with the proper support and resources, including support from those who’ve completed our program.

While many approaches to recovery exist, community-based treatment programs, treatment centers, and support groups can take recovery success to a whole new level. Advanced addiction treatment and recovery support programs provide individuals the tools and support they need to overcome addiction. In turn, those in our care can learn from our program alumni and build a fulfilling life in sobriety.

Staying sober is a lifelong journey from annual alumni events to advanced or early recovery programs. This journey is often most successful when individuals are surrounded by a community that understands their journey and can offer them support and guidance at every step. Staying sober and finding success with addiction recovery is all about support- both in the short and long term.

Eric Shares His Experience With Addiction
— On the Path Towards Transformation.

“My life before I got to New Choices was just miserable. I was helpless. I was hopeless. I was in a terrible state of mind. I was extremely isolated. Over the last ten years I had really lost and gained and lost friendships, and the last three years before I came to New Choices, I had basically lost all my friends. I had lost the relationship I was in. I was on the verge of losing my apartment and I had lost my job. And, I didn’t know that there was a solution…drinking was the only solution I really had. I would be sober for ten minutes and I would be like, “This is intolerable.”

Amy’s Experience With Addiction Brought Her Close to the Edge — More Than Once

“Before New Choices….it was absolute hell. In and out of jail, I was on the streets, constantly dope-sick. I was stealing from people. I have so many victims I need to make amends with — or would like to. But I can’t because…I don’t know them. My life was a disaster. My family wouldn’t speak to me. Constantly overdosing, a couple of times I was pronounced dead. Had to have my gall bladder taken out. Got sepsis a couple of times. Almost died then. It was hell…absolute hell.”

What was the catalyst for Amy’s transformation? How was she able to make a lasting change?

“I realized I can’t control everything…being willing to try all these new things, staying open to new modes of treatment…is what saved me.”

Today, Amy is taking her relationship with her own wellness and New Choices Treatment Centers to the next level by becoming a sponsor after a year of active sobriety.

Jason Came to Texas Specifically for Treatment at New Choices Treatment Centers

“I went to treatment back home and it’s just different here. All the counselors have been in treatment themselves…so they know what we’re going through.”

He speaks about the difference a holistic residential treatment experience can truly make for an individual’s total wellness.

Detox, recovery, substance abuse treatment, active recovery coaching, and family-focused programs are just some of the ways in which recovering addicts help find sure footing again. “Waking up early and going to workout, it opens your mind up. Your day gets a lot easier after you work out. You can concentrate more.”

Griffin Had to Leave His Comfort Zone to Get Back to Living His Best Life

“Once we started getting more comfortable with going to a CrossFit gym and doing all that, it got better and easier and more comfortable. That whole experience of doing something I’ve never done before…with other people…was amazing. The relationships, the community you build…

The power of community is a significant part of what drives the New Choices Treatment Centers difference.

“The cool thing is that the staff comes whenever they can. Some people outside of the treatment center come just to show support. And, we still go, even though we’re out, we still come. A, to get some exercise, but, more importantly, to support the clients that are still here.” The actions you take and the friendships you make at New Choices have a lasting effect on the broader San Antonio community. “Just seeing someone come in, knowing their struggle, and seeing them give it everything they’ve got can be motivating. I get a lot out of it.”

“It’s a really hopeful environment that’s. unique in how it’s set up. The New Choices Model is a great benefit to anyone who decides to come. A majority of the staff are recovering addicts so they come from a place of empathy and…they’re willing to share their own stories with you.” Andy sees that the staff at New Choices Treatment Center set the stage for successful clients. He also acknowledges that working on yourself is an ongoing effort but being helpful whenever you can is the key to staying centered.

5 Ways We Provide a Recovery-oriented Lifestyle

Recovery does not stop after 30 days. It continues for a lifetime. Similarly, our relationship with our clients continues well after they complete residential treatment.

At New Choices Treatment Centers, we provide many resources to our alumni so they can safely transition into a recovery-oriented lifestyle. We aim to assist our clients along their recovery path until they can achieve and sustain long-term recovery. Our unique treatment programs have been designed with this goal in mind.

Weekly Alumni Meeting)

New Choices Treatment Centers offers a weekly recovery meeting open to our alumni and the community. Here our clients can stay connected with their peers and make connections in the larger recovery community. These meetings are also open to family members to continue building that support system and network at home.

Sober Events

Part of our continuing care for our clients is hosting events such as reunion meetings, speaker events, and holiday celebrations to stay connected with each other and form connections with newer NCTC residents.

Before and after completing treatment with NCTC, our clients can improve their chances of staying sober by taking part in many activities, some of which include:

  • Meet with fellow residents to stay connected and share challenges and victories.
  • Participate in remote and in-person alumni meetings hosted by NCTC.
  • Engage with alumni support personnel even after completion of the program.
  • Participate in sober activities like movies, camping, driving, and other everyday routines.
  • Sign up for a retreat or event hosted by an alumni program member.
  • Schedule check-ins and have an accountability buddy to stay on track.
  • Practice skills and steps learned in the program and avoid relapse.
  • Join local community support groups for drug and alcohol recovery.
  • Maintaining a strong family and social support network for short-term and long-term goals.

Living Map

Recovery is a marathon, not a sprint. Planning for a life-long endeavor is critical in ensuring our clients maintain and enjoy their sobriety. While in residential treatment, our clients will collaborate with our team of specialists to create their individualized living map, including specific goals and activities that will assist them in their recovery.

Our Alumni will receive assistance with education, employment, housing, and any other needs they identify in their addiction recovery journey.

Integration Into Recovery Community

Navigating the convoluted, often esoteric, world of recovery circles can be incredibly difficult for someone in early recovery. AA, NA, SMART, Refuge, and other recovery pathways meetings can be hard to understand and even harder to get involved in. For someone with no prior experience in sobriety, recovery programs can seem intimidating and uninviting.

All too regularly, clients leaving residential treatment centers are urged to find a support group on their own once they go home.

With no knowledge of their at-home recovery community, clients have a hard time finding a recovery pathway that they can work with to aid their recovery.

At New Choices, we make sure that our clients leave residential treatment with a working knowledge of, and personal relationships with peers in a recovery pathway OF THEIR CHOICE.

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24/7 Access to PSS

Peer Support Specialists are state-certified individuals with a lived experience in recovery. These individuals support positive change, help clients avoid relapse, build community support for healing, and work on life goals unrelated to addiction. These substance abuse and addiction specialists are accessible to our clients from day one, to their completion of our treatment program.

Historically, the period after residential treatment is challenging for newly sober people. Our Peer Specialists maintain a relationship with our clients and assist them in transitioning into their post-treatment life, helping them to assess and reassess their recovery and helping them amend their treatment plan to promote success.

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