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Meeting the Complex Challenge of Mental Healthcare & Rehab Coverage

Verify Insurance

Verifying insurance for drug and alcohol abuse programs is essential in ensuring individuals receive the necessary rehabilitative care. Working with a partner like New Choices Treatment Center ensures you can access quality treatment options tailored specifically to your needs. And in fact, assessing and verifying your coverage for admission for one or both substance abuse and mental health comorbidities starts with a simple conversation.

Not only will this help people get on the road to recovery faster, but it also helps protect our team and your family from potential financial risks due to improperly verified insurance plans. With New Choices Treatment Center’s verification process, those needing help can avoid those risks.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

Insurance companies usually cover alcohol addiction treatment or substance abuse treatment. But addiction is a complex issue. On several occasions, the challenges of a patient suffering from addiction are coupled with mental health challenges. Therefore, verifying one’s health and insurance coverage is of prime importance. Many avoid rehab centers either due to shame or because the cost of rehabilitation might be too high.

At New Choice Treatment Centers, our Intake Coordinators will ensure that you get the best treatment options by finding out whether rehab is covered by insurance. People with addictions must utilize their insurance plan to the maximum to be free from abuse, recover, and live life to the fullest. Families can be assured that payment options are given to those with no insurance options or those with partial coverage, and we may be able to offer a scholarship-based treatment program too.

Accepted Insurance Providers at New Choice Treatment Centers

Addiction can be devastating and make you feel tricked, lost, and uncertain; it can make you feel you have no way out of it. Before you go deeper and deeper into this vortex of despair, contact our rehab center to discuss our many treatment programs. Remember! Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is taking action despite your fears. We accept TRICARE and most other major insurances, including Ambetter, Tricare East, Magellan, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Zellis, Multiplan, EHN, First Health, MHN/Health Net, & Imagine.

We also accept out-of-network insurances such as Beacon, Cigna, Connecticare, Golden Rule, Harvard Pilgrim, NYSHIP, Oxford Health, UMR, and United Healthcare. We check your rehab insurance coverage and build a program around your coverage.

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Verify Your Insurance

Enter your information to verify your insurance for treatment.

It is already a very trying time if you or a loved one are suffering from addiction. The last thing you want to think about is your health insurance coverage and whether the treatment facilities you are considering will take it. Although treatment at a rehab facility may seem like an essential health benefit that should be included as medical care in every plan, it is best to verify. The staff at our treatment center can check with your in and out-of-network provider to confirm coverage for addiction treatment.

To make treatment and recovery as easy as possible, we are very transparent about healthcare coverage, insurance verification, and other payment options. The struggles of substance abuse and alcoholism vary depending upon the intensity of the issue. Here you will find enough information to get you started on healthcare coverage and insurance verification.

We offer online benefits verification and on-call intake coordinators to assist you throughout the admissions process. Submit your information through our online form or call us now. We can check your health plans for you. Make a new choice today!

For a more thorough explanation of your benefits and what they cover, please submit your information or call our Intake Coordinators now at (726) 888-7003.

What Are the Common Details of Insurance Verification?

Understanding your health care coverage is essential to ensure you have the best plan for your needs. Insurance verification checks different parts of a person’s health insurance to ensure they get the most comprehensive rehab insurance coverage. Here are some commonly used insurance terms, and knowing their definitions help you better understand the benefits of alcohol or drug recovery and treatment and what it’ll cost.

  • Deductible is the amount of money an individual must pay out of pocket in a given year for health care services before their insurance coverage begins to pay. For example, if an individual has a $1,500 deductible, they must pay the first $1,500 in services themselves. After reaching the deductible amount, the individual is responsible for a copayment or coinsurance amount. One note is that plans can often have individual and family deductibles, which are most often different amounts.
  • Copayment is an individual’s fixed amount for any covered health care service. These amounts vary per service (PHP, specialist, RX, etc.) but generally range between $10 and $50. Copayments are often, though only sometimes, due at the time of service.
  • Coinsurance is the percentage of a covered health expense that an individual must pay once their deductible has been met. Often this is expressed as 70/30, 80/20, or 90/10. For example, under an 80/20 plan, the insurance provider will cover 80% of approved healthcare costs once the deductible has been met. The individual is responsible for the remaining 20%. So if a health service costs $1,000, the insurance company will pay $800, and the individual will be billed $200.
  • Out-of-Pocket Maximum is the maximum amount an individual will pay for health care services within a given year. Once the out-of-pocket maximum has been reached, the insurance provider will cover 100% of any additional healthcare costs for the rest of the plan year.
  • Policy-Effective Date is the first day your health care coverage is effective. This is the day the insurance company will begin to cover you for approved medical costs. Enrollment in a health coverage plan must happen during an enrollment period. These enrollment periods generally last 90 days and are tied to qualifying life events. These can include a job change, a child’s birth, marriage, etc. The effective policy date is set after enrollment and usually begins within a few weeks of the initial enrollment date.

We work with most insurance carriers at New Choices Treatment Centers, including TRICARE East. We are unable at this time to work with Medicare or Medicaid. We will work to provide you with all relevant policy information as quickly as possible. Generally, we can secure all policy information in a few minutes. If you have Medicare or Medicaid, please contact the plan administrator to learn how they can help find a covered treatment program.

While we can work with most insurance carriers, policy coverage may vary. Many of the health insurance plans that we work with include addiction treatment coverage at multiple levels of care. Treatment options include the following.

  • Medication-assisted treatment – Treatment programs may apply medication to help reduce anxiety and cravings throughout detox and recovery.
  • Medical Detox programs – This is the first step in substance abuse treatment that leads to recovery. Medical detox may not always be comfortable, but it is the safest way to recover.
  • Mental health treatment – We take a serious approach to mental health treatment, and options for holistic treatment at our rehab center include residential treatmentoutpatient programs, support and peer groups, and traditional and complementary or alternative therapies (CAM therapies).
  • Family counseling – Family support is a crucial component in your or your loved one’s treatment, and in many cases prevents relapse and helps the patient integrate into society.

Insurance companies are more likely to approve coverage for evidence-based treatments like those offered at New Choices Treatment Centers. Mental health issues that arise from alcoholism and substance abuse need diagnosis and treatment at the earliest. Our trained staff is equipped to recognize symptoms early on and help you get the whole-body help you need.

Most insurance providers understand the importance of this step and cover this integrative treatment.

If an insurance provider does not cover treatment at rehab centers, we offer cash-pay options for the rehab program. On special occasions, reduced-fee scholarships are also provided. It is our core belief that the dollar bill should not dictate the treatment of addiction treatment.

At New Choice Treatment centers, we ensure that everyone suffering from addiction gets the proper treatment. Our Intake Coordinators will simplify the insurance verification process and work with you to provide the best treatment possible.

Schedule a facility tour to learn more about how we can work together with you to overcome the battle of addiction.

We make every effort to ensure that every person who contacts us can receive substance use disorder treatment. Please contact us if you have any questions about your health coverage or eligibility. Our Intake Coordinators will help you understand your healthcare coverage and find a treatment solution and level of care that best fits your need.