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Addiction Rehabilitation Facility Tour

We know that everyone is different. And our approach to personalized treatment is truly innovative to support effective treatments. Our treatment center design helps you prioritize your recovery. This is without sacrificing privacy or freedom, further enhancing guidance and support for your journey. In turn, you can make progress toward a fuller, healthier life and recovery after substance use disorders.

We take your privacy and freedom seriously. We ensure all those receiving substance abuse treatment can reach their fullest potential. Our alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation facility design setup gives you both. And the facility helps you focus and build the best version of yourself.

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An Overview of Our Acute Care Rehabilitation: Facility Tour

The idea of sharing an entire house with more than a dozen others just doesn’t sound appealing to us. So we designed our center to give you some space.

  • A uniquely shared courtyard apartment. Shared with just one other guest of the same gender. enjoy a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen with a breakfast island, and living area all to yourselves.
  • Breakfast appliances and a cozy nook for your morning. Brew a cup of coffee in your single-cup machine and enjoy it in the kitchen, living room, or outdoors.
  • Private, gender-segregated areas. Rest easy knowing that your bedroom is truly yours. Or spend time with other community members when you want and feel like it.

Recreation in Our Rehabilitation Facilities

Participate in activities offsite, including:

  • Solo exercise in our gym to support your physical and mental recovery.
  • Recreational visits and trips to local experiential events and services.
  • Various behavioral therapies, as well as other medicinal therapies, to support recovery.
  • Support groups to help you understand your struggle with addictive substances.
  • Access to skilled nursing and additional treatment facilities to mediate withdrawal symptoms.
  • Alternative and complementary therapies, including yoga and meditation.

At our Rec Room, you can take a break, watch TV, or do a puzzle, all while making new friends.

Prioritize your health by using quality addiction rehab centers to achieve positive results and create strong support to beat addiction.

Whether living with co-occurring disorders, such as alcohol addiction and anxiety, our facility is built to help you.

You can use the Mindfulness Room for yoga and meditation to relax. End your day sinking into your pillow top mattress. Our facility houses 40 beds, so you’ll be in good company. We want to help you through the trials of addiction treatment.

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Ready for a Virtual or In-Person Tour?

During your stay, you will have access to various onsite and offsite amenities. Onsite, you will have access to our Mindfulness Room, where you will get the chance to practice yoga and meditation to center your inner Zen.

In our Group Room, you will participate in activities, such as art and cultures or gardening by the Contemplation Pond.

Off-site, you will get to participate in local activities such as group and individual physical activity at a local gym, visits to local recreational activities, experience the community and sanctuaries landscaping, and much more.

Therapy & Yoga Rooms
Relaxing Bedrooms
Luxurious Kitchens

Treatment Options and Facilities Built for Healthier Living

We developed our unique courtyard community with the desire for an eco-friendly, natural and efficient development in mind. This approach also helps to support our empowerment approach to recovery.

New Choices Treatment Centers’ rehabilitation facility was built with a particular focus on earthen and health building design and materials.

Some of the advantages of earthen construction include:

This natural approach brings an organic beauty and the pleasure of a building with environmentally friendly materials, including:

  • Natural materials
  • Low-VOC paints
  • Formaldehyde-free cabinets

Together with better natural lighting and improved air quality, we have created a biophilic design.

Share a courtyard apartment with one other person of the same gender.

Why We Created This Inviting Environment for Addiction Treatment

To create a healthy future, our clients need and want a healthy start. We value sustainability and resilience at New Choices, and this is reflected in our mindful approach to the built environment. We strive to create a warm, welcoming, and beautiful environment that encourages shared common space.