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We’ve not only innovated with our first of its kind 12 month program, but also in our approach to treatment center design. Privacy is important to you, and so is freedom. Our setup gives you both! With a uniquely designed courtyard apartment – shared with just one other guest of the same gender – enjoy a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen w/breakfast island, and living area all to yourselves.

The idea of sharing an entire house with more than a dozen others just doesn’t sound appealing to us. So we designed our center to give you some space. Start your day with a cup of jo from your single-cup coffee maker, which you can enjoy at your kitchen island bar top, living area lounge, or outside on your courtyard patio furniture. End your day sinking into your pillow top mattress.


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During your stay you will have access to a variety of onsite and offsite amenities. Onsite, you will have access to our Mindfulness Room, where you will get the chance to practice yoga and meditation to center your inner Zen. In our Group Room, you will participate in activities such as art and cultures or gardening by the Contemplation Pond. Finally, our Rec Room allows you the chance to relax, watch TV or solve a puzzle while you meet new people in our center. Off site, you will get to participate in local activities such as group and individual physical activity at a local gym, visits to local recreational activities and much more

Spacious Common Areas

Therapy & Yoga Rooms

Relaxing Bedrooms

Luxurious Kitchens

Built for Healthier Living

We developed our unique courtyard community with the desire for an eco-friendly, natural and efficient development in mind. New Choices was built with a particular focus on earthen building technologies and healthy building materials.

Some of the advantages of earthen construction include insulation, temperature and noise control, sturdiness, fire deterrence, load bearing and pest deterrence. This natural approach brings an organic beauty and the pleasure of a building with environmentally friendly materials. This focus on a natural building materials pallet included no-VOC paints, no formaldehyde cabinets, biophilic design elements, improved natural lighting and indoor air quality.

In order to create a healthy future, our clients needed a healthy start. This mindful approach to the built environment aligns with our values at New Choices…sustainability and resilience are important not only in the way we build and manage our lives, it extends to how we created a warm, welcoming and beautiful environment with the sensibility of shared common space.

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