Drug Addiction Treatment Program

The nexus of the idea that became Camino Pathways was the recognition that addiction and substance abuse are chronic illnesses. For the past fifty years or more, our community has treated addiction as an acute illness. We give an individual 30 days in treatment, pronounce them cured, and then scratch our heads when within a year he or she is not sober and in good health. The facts are these; 86% of those who enter residential treatment complete their program yet less than 10% are still in recovery a year later. At New Choices Treatment Centers we do not believe these facts point to a failure in any particular therapeutic intervention rather we feel it is a failure of the system itself. We decided in order to best help those suffering from addiction we needed to re-imagine that system. It is because of this that we have created Camino Pathways.

Residential Treatment (RTC)
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Camino Pathways is an innovative multidisciplinary approach to treating addiction. It is a year-long process that our patients and their families undertake to create a new life. Grounded in the Transformational Model of Treatment, Camino Pathways incorporates over a dozen of the best evidence-based and experiential therapies to create a truly individualized treatment plan for each of our residents.

It implements the Empowerment Model, which focuses on a client’s strengths and abilities rather than on their problems, pathologies, or declaring powerlessness. In this way each client is empowered to see his or her true potential, reframe their beliefs with a clear path to redefining who they are, and in that way, set a course for who they want to become.


Strategic Living Map

Substance abuse impacts every facet of an individual’s life; so too should recovery. At New Choices, we want to help prepare our clients to find a future life of intention and meaning. That’s why all treatment pathways focus on creating and executing a strategic living map with each of our guests.

The strategic living map is a personal guide to health, employment, relationships, community involvement, housing, and more that helps each client transition back to life as a new person. Strategic living maps are created by the client with the assistance of New Choices Trained professionals.

As clients continue down the path to recovery, we will help them implement their plan systematically and effectively. It’s a strategic approach to healthy living, and it’s one of our keys to recovery success.

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