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Building Confidence Through The Empowerment Approach


Have you ever thought that confidence just comes naturally to some people? Believe it or not, it takes courage to build self-confidence for everyone, even the most confident person you know. According to a study shared by the University of Dundee, the link between confidence and mental health is only growing more prevalent. Some people just need a little help in reaching the point where they can feel and be their most confident selves! That is where our innovative treatment programs make all the difference. 

Confidence is defined as having the belief in oneself and one’s abilities. When you lack confidence, you tend to doubt yourself and your capabilities. This leads to feeling insecure and anxious. In situations like this, our innovative support services, known as  “recovery empowerment”  really shines, especially for those struggling with mental illness or other issues along their recovery journey.

What Is The Empowerment Approach?

The empowered recovery approach, or empowerment process, is rooted in the work of social workers. This approach is done by focusing on the fantastic competencies of the people you are helping rather than highlighting and “fixing” any perceived deficits in them. Empowered based recovery and treatment focuses on letting the individual be in charge of his or her own journey. Giving them control and responsibility allows them to better understand what they need to do to improve their mental wellbeing. The guided empowerment approach highlights strengths and builds up areas of weakness. 

By highlighting individual strengths,  their confidence is elevated and they can more easily  cultivate their own independence. That is the core of our recovery empowerment medical treatment approach and why we tailor every session and service to meet each individual’s unique mental health needs.

When you run an empowerment-based practice, much like New Choices Treatment Center, it is about the individual process. As highlighted by SAU, your practice acts from a “strengths perspective”. This means exactly what we said before; we focus on a client’s strengths and abilities rather than on their problems, pathologies, or declaring powerlessness. By using this addiction treatment approach, we help our patients not see themselves as weak, but rather feel empowered to see their true potential, reframe their beliefs with a clear path to redefining who they are, and in that way, set a course for who they want to become.

How Does The Empowerment Approach Help To Grow Someone’s Confidence?

When patients go to a practice run by mental health care personnel who use an empowerment approach, they can expect to learn not just how to grow their confidence, but how to grow to be more independent and even become more involved in their community! How do we do so? Healthcare professionals that use the recovery empowerment approach develop ongoing strategies for their patients that can range from independently done exercises to ones that involve the patient’s family members and loved ones in the process. When loved ones become involved in the recovery process, it seriously impacts the patient and helps the lifestyle changes implemented in therapy stick.

By helping patients to feel empowered in their strengths and to appreciate how they are, we can help a patient’s confidence blossom. With that growth in confidence, we see patients feel that they can finally take charge and live with a far more positive outlook on life again thanks to empowerment theory at work.

Of course, as we have all experienced, confidence is not a static feeling. It fluctuates, as all emotions do. In these moments, it’s important to remember that these feelings are only “now”, and they will leave, on occasion, as quickly as they came. However, this does not mean that empowered recovery or clinical services are about trying to squash or ignore these feelings. 

Remember that you have people who are there for you and ready to help you regain those feelings of empowerment and confidence, whether it’s your family, loved ones, or a team that has your back like New Choices. 

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