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Tracking Down Holistic Addiction Treatment Opportunities in San Antonio


Tracking Down Holistic Addiction Treatment Opportunities in San Antonio

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction treatment—some people will respond positively to group therapy and others will prefer a more personalized approach. Some people will enjoy art or music therapy, while others will prefer to work out their struggles through an exercise program. The point is, addiction is a multifaceted disease, and therefore, addiction treatment must also be multi-faceted. That is why seeking holistic addiction treatment in San Antonio might offer the best chance for a sustainable, substance-free future.

The Multiple Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment

To adequately address the damages substance abuse brings to the body, mind, and spirit, a multi-faceted approach to addiction treatment is recommended. Here are a few things to consider when trying to locate holistic addiction treatment in San Antonio:

Physical Healing

Healing the physical body begins with detox stabilization. Breaking the physical hold substance exerts on the body is best undertaken with medical supervision to provide support in dealing with withdrawal symptoms and to counteract and manage the cravings that often lead to relapse. Detox often takes place in an inpatient center with 24/7 monitoring and support; your provider can help to determine whether this is advisable for you. 

Nutritional Support

Attention to proper nutrition may be neglected in people dealing with substance use disorders. With cross-reactivity in the brain, between addiction and appetite, it is possible that malnutrition may even promote drug-seeking and cause a relapse. Recognizing this potential, the most innovative, holistic addiction treatment centers in San Antonio offer clean, healthy foods and make mealtime a pleasurable, social experience. 

Mental Health Support

Substance abuse often emerges as an unhealthy strategy to cope with stressors and mental health issues, which are unfortunately further exacerbated as addiction takes hold. Breaking the psychological addiction is, therefore, an essential component of a successful treatment program and one that helps to ensure greater long-term success. Holistic addiction treatment centers in San Antonio utilize evidence-based methods like cognitive behavioral therapy to support behavioral change and the development of healthier, more effective coping strategies.

Relationship Repair

Family members inevitably suffer from the ripple effects of addiction, but their support is essential for creating a secure environment to return to post-treatment. Repairing relationships devastated by substance abuse is key to moving forward. Clients and their loved ones can all recover successfully with adequate support and expert guidance. Holistic treatment programs will provide support to family members and friends, as well as engage them actively in the recovery process to encourage forgiveness and healing.

Lifestyle Adjustment

Because life in the midst of addiction revolves around acquiring and using drugs or alcohol, a lot of life’s important aspects fall away. Part of reclaiming your life involves re-envisioning it without relying on substances. A holistic addiction treatment program will focus on helping you to rebuild your life. This will include an introduction to sober living activities in the San Antonio area as you develop a new appreciation for life.

Holistic Addiction Treatment in San Antonio: Your Best Chance for Success

If you are seeking holistic treatment opportunities in San Antonio, you are setting yourself up for the best recovery options. By viewing their clients as complex, whole individuals, and addressing the multiple facets of their lives that were negatively impacted by addiction, holistic addiction treatment specialists promote positive recovery outcomes and provide the best chances for success. Long-term recovery can be challenging, but choosing treatment opportunities wisely can ensure you have the tools and strategies necessary to overcome addiction and sustain your new way of life.

If you are looking for holistic addiction treatment in San Antonio, New Choices Treatment Centers are here for you. Our addiction medicine specialists understand that treating the whole person represents the best chance of long-term recovery. Contact us online or by phone at (726) 888-7003 to get the conversation started.