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In San Antonio, Alcohol Detox Is Just the Start of Innovative, Sustainable Recovery


In San Antonio, Alcohol Detox Is Just the Start of Innovative, Sustainable Recovery

Susan’s wake-up call came the night she drank so much she had to be rushed to the ER at San Antonio Regional Hospital. For Jared, the realization came after losing his job (and his ability to support his family out in Alamo Heights) after showing up at the office inebriated one too many times. For Alex, it wasn’t until her 22-year-old son crashed his car while trying to drive himself home after a River Walk bar crawl that she finally accepted there was a real problem.

It’s a critical moment of clarity when someone realizes they—or someone they care about—have a drinking problem. While drowning out this realization with more alcohol may be tempting, the recognition is an important step in making a change for the better.

In San Antonio, alcohol detox is within reach. The next step is recognizing that professional help for addiction may not just be valuable but also necessary to ensure positive, lasting change.

Why Clinical Oversight Is Necessary for Safe Detox

Because alcohol use is so common, and because we tend to think of it as a simple beverage choice rather than an addictive substance, it’s understandable if your first instinct is to attempt detox at home.

Alcohol withdrawal, however, can include a wide array of negative effects, some of which can be incredibly difficult to manage at home without professional medical support. Anxiety, shaking, irritability, head and body aches, sweating and chills, nausea or vomiting, and changes in sleep and appetite are just a few of the more common symptoms.

More severe, potentially life-threatening symptoms may include:

  • Fever
  • Seizures
  • Hallucinations
  • Raised blood pressure

If you or your loved one has a medical condition besides alcohol dependence, it’s especially important to solicit alcohol detox help from trained professionals. But where, exactly, should you go to do that?

A hospital setting may seem like the obvious solution, and if it’s a choice between that and DIY detox, it’s certainly the better option. However, your best option is to seek out a specialized San Antonio alcohol detox center with the equipment and staff necessary to most effectively ensure both safety and comfort throughout the detox process.


Detoxing on Your Own at Home

Detoxing in a General Hospital 

Detoxing in a Specialized Treatment Center

  • No immediate access to medical equipment or medicine
  • Medical support available but not specially designed for handling detox
  • Environment and equipment specially designed for detox-related needs
  • You may need to call a doctor or 911 if something goes wrong
  • Emergency medical support is immediately available if needed
  • Specialists are trained in preventing and coping with potentially serious symptoms
  • The environment may not be fully equipped to provide comfort during the detox process
  • The environment is sterile but not necessarily comfortable or comforting
  • The environment is uniquely designed to provide physical and emotional comfort during withdrawal
  • Regular hospital staff may also be swayed to unintentionally enable rather than help those in recovery
  • Specialists are trained and experienced in helping individuals through detox without enabling them


In addition to the personal and medical needs that must be addressed during withdrawal, there is another vitally important factor to consider: what comes after detox.

Alcohol Detox Is Only the First Step on the Road to Recovery

When you’re in the midst of coping with an active drinking problem, detox may seem like the finish line—if you can just get sober, you can beat this thing. However, as difficult as it may be to accept, detox is only the first milestone in the road to recovery.

Getting sober is one thing. Staying sober is quite another.

To maximize the chances of long-term recovery, detox should not be a standalone event. Instead, detox should be approached as the initial stage of a more comprehensive addiction treatment program. Regardless of whether you’re drinking every day or only some days of the week (but binging when you do), the moment you begin to rely on alcohol to get you through the day is the moment addiction begins, and it doesn’t necessarily end when withdrawal ends.

Detox can get you sober, but addiction treatment can get you to a place where you no longer need to drink to enjoy Fiesta in April or cope with stressful life events. After a dedicated rehab program, you’ll have other healthier skills and supports to lean on instead. With the help of trained addiction specialists, you or your loved one can discover the underlying issues driving you to drink and work through them in a safe, judgment-free setting. This is where the real work of healing begins as you lay down the foundation for a better, brighter future for yourself and for your family.

In San Antonio, Alcohol Detox Is Attainable by Finding the Right Recovery Program

Before you drive to the nearest addiction treatment center, there is one last thing to consider: whether a given facility or program is right for you or your family member.

Imagine for a moment that you need to undergo a complex, life-saving surgery. You wouldn’t want just any doctor to take this on—you would want a surgeon. More than that, given the choice, you would want the absolute best surgeon with the most experience in that specific kind of operation.

Likewise, to give yourself or your loved one the best chance at lasting recovery, it’s important to review all of your options and determine which of these will best suit your needs and requirements. (Hint: a high cost does not necessarily equal high-quality care.) Take time to carefully evaluate each facility and program. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, contact your top choices and ask thoughtful questions about the environment, staff, and programming.

The best San Antonio alcohol detox and recovery program will be one that not only checks all of your personal boxes but also follows a comprehensive, compassionate care model. Look for a program that addresses all aspects of recovery, including mental, emotional, and physical healing. Through holistic recovery, you or your loved one will be that much more prepared to move forward into a new, healthier way of life with courage and confidence.

In San Antonio, alcohol detox is possible at New Choices Treatment Centers. Our innovative comprehensive care curriculum can help you or your loved one build a sturdy foundation for sustainable sobriety one day at a time. Contact us online or call us today at (726) 888-7003 to learn more.