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Addiction Treatment Process

Traditionally in the treatment industry when an individual enters treatment they will receive 30-90 days of treatment depending on the specific program they enter (30 days for residential treatment plus an additional 60 days if the program includes intensive out-patient).

At the end of this period in some, but not all cases, the individual will be placed in a sober living home. This has been the basic methodology of the treatment industry for the past fifty years, and its not working. At New Choices Treatment Center we understand addiction to be a chronic illness and it is our belief that it needs to be treated as such.

Camino Pathways Program

Camino Pathways is an innovative multidisciplinary approach to treating addiction. It is a yearlong process that our patients and their families undertake to create a new life. Grounded in the Transformational Model of treatment, Camino Pathways, incorporates over a dozen of the best evidence based and experiential therapies to create a truly individualized treatment plan for each of our clients.

It implements the Empowerment Model, which focuses on a client’s strengths and abilities rather than on their problems, pathologies, or declaring powerlessness. In this way each client is empowered to see his or her true potential, reframe their beliefs with a clear path to redefining who they are, and in that way set a course for who they want to become.

The Impact of Substance Use

Substance use disorder impacts every facet of an individual’s life, so to should recovery. At New Choices we want to help prepare our clients for a future life of intention and meaning. That’s why all treatment pathways focus on creating and executing a strategic living map with each our clients.

The strategic living map is a personal guide to:

  • Employment
  • Relationships
  • Community involvement
  • Housing and more.

Strategic living maps are created by the client with the assistance of New Choices trained professionals. As clients continue down the path to recovery we will help them implement their plan systematically and effectively. It’s a strategic approach to healthy living and its one of our keys to recovery success.

Addiction Treatment Transitions

We have created a bridge program for our clients to assist them with their transition from their stay in treatment. The bridge program consists of our hand selected sober living communities. We have taken the time and care to individually vet each of the sober living communities that we work with. We do this to ensure continuity of care for each of our clients. For example, if a local sober living community cannot commit to getting our clients to their intensive outpatient sessions then we won’t work with them. It’s that simple.

Level of Care in Rehab

Camino Pathways extends much longer than the traditional stay at the IOP level of care. Camino Pathways is really a promise to our clients that we will be with them for a year and that the people we work with will be with them for that same year. We are going to be in constant contact whether its through our medical department, psychiatric department, milieu department, alumni program, various community events, or our Active Recovery Coaching program. All of which our clients and alumni have free access to for a year or more.

Commitment to Recovery

At its core what Camino Pathways really is, is a commitment and a promise that we will be with you on your personal pathway of recovery for at least the first year. We will be there to support your growth, share in the travails, and to celebrate the victories with you. New Choices Treatment Center is more than just a treatment facility. It is a community of people dedicated to recovery. It is a family.

I hope this short article has helped you to better understand our Camino Pathways. At New Choices Treatment Centers we are here to serve. If you or a loved one is suffering from substance use disorder please reach out to us today. We are here to help.

We can be contacted through our website or by phone at (726)888-7003

Warmest regards,

Robert Olivarez


If you or a loved one is struggling with overcoming addiction, New Choices Treatment Centers can help! Our Camino Pathway Program is an innovative approach to addiction recovery that guides you to a new, healthier you.