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Drug Addiction Help in Texas—You Aren’t Alone


Drug Addiction Help in Texas—You Aren’t Alone

It’s very likely that the decision to seek help for drug addiction did not come easily. Beyond knowing that it’s time for a change, the future may seem very unclear. Fear of the unknown might be strong, and there are a lot of unknowns ahead. You may be concerned about the physical and psychological ramifications of withdrawal, and wondering how you will manage the possible cravings you might have. More than anything, you are probably worried about finding the right treatment path to meet your needs. 

Besides the uncertainty, you may be feeling very alone. Chemical dependency can be a very isolating problem, one that alienates family and friends. You may feel like no one understands or can relate to what you are going through. Fortunately, there is a significant population in Texas that is going through the same thing you are, because they have dealt with addiction themselves. Many of them have even dedicated their lives and livelihood to helping others overcome their addictions as well. When you seek drug addiction help in Texas, it is guaranteed you will not go it alone.  

Making the Decision to Undergo Treatment

There are most likely myriad emotions swirling as you contemplate entering treatment for drug addiction. Fear, shame, and sadness might arise as you reflect on the past, but perhaps you also feel hope and anticipation as you look forward to a change in the future. You may be angry or disgusted with yourself for the consequences you have experienced. And you may feel lonely and alienated from those that you love.

The decision to undergo treatment for addiction must come with some degree of resignation as you submit to a major life upheaval and entrust your care to rehabilitation professionals. The ideal treatment facility will be staffed with addiction specialists who are supportive and non-judgmental, who meet you where you are at in your journey, and help you create a sustainable path forward. And who is better poised to support you in your recovery efforts than someone who knows intimately what you are going through?

Many addiction centers in Texas include staff members who have experienced substance abuse personally. In addition to their professional credentials as medical physicians, psychologists, and licensed chemical dependency counselors, some have the unique perspective that can only come from experiencing addiction first hand. This allows them to empathize with your emotions, while offering encouragement and hope based on their own experiences.  

Some Unique Treatment Options and Considerations

If you are looking for drug addiction help in Texas, there are some really good options tailored to both general and more specific needs. Those outlined below highlight some of the best options; they may give you insight into where to go from here.

Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT)

One treatment option that offers hope for those dealing with drug addiction is MAT. This protocol utilizes prescription drugs under the watchful eye of medical professionals to help people step down gradually from addiction to drugs. When used in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, MAT offers a safe and effective treatment option, endorsed by many medical and public health organizations. MAT implemented as part of a comprehensive treatment program can increase the chances of yielding positive long-term outcomes.

A Holistic Therapeutic Approach

Since drug addiction has widespread consequences for various body tissues and organs, true healing requires a holistic therapeutic approach. During the recovery from addiction, it is absolutely essential to address the damage that drug addiction has left behind. A rehab center that takes a holistic approach will focus on physical, psychological, and spiritual healing. They will emphasize the healing potential of healthy foods and physical activity in a way that enhances the effects of evidence-based therapies and counseling sessions, allowing clients to re-envision their lives without addictive substances. 

Special Populations

While drug addiction affects people of all ages, occupations, ethnicities, and socioeconomic status, specific treatment protocols may offer particular advantages to special populations. College-aged students, for example, face the unique challenges of strong peer pressure and a not-yet fully mature central nervous system. Treatments specifically geared to their needs will take their developmental challenges into account and tailor therapies accordingly.

Likewise, military veterans have a high incidence of co-occurring post-traumatic stress and substance use disorders. Programs that target the needs of veterans will help them draw on their training and on the camaraderie they learned to trust during their service. Common experiences can help to bond participants and support them through the challenges inherent in long-term recovery.

Support for Successful Recovery

Rehab programs that offer drug addiction help in Texas strive to connect their clients with a strong support system. With the awareness that isolation can be devastating and lead to relapse, addiction medicine specialists focus on helping rehab participants reunite with family and friends in a way that is supportive and sustaining, not enabling and destructive. Equipping you with a significant support system will likely include a group of your peers as well.

You Aren’t Alone When You Seek Drug Addiction Help in Texas

To find quality drug addiction help in Texas, look for a rehabilitation community that approaches addiction as a chronic disorder and is dedicated to your long-term recovery. A good treatment center will offer comfortable facilities and innovative therapeutic modalities. While each client should develop a unique path to recovery based on their specific goals and individual needs, a good rehab program will support clients as they become part of a strong, supportive community. 

Between the emphasis on common purpose among participants and the professional expertise of addiction medicine specialists, an excellent addiction recovery program will enhance the spirit of support. This will help to increase retention in treatment and serve to head off and decrease the incidence of relapse. Your chosen rehab program will provide you the supportive community you need to ensure you will not endure this challenge alone.

If you are seeking drug addiction help in Texas, the staff at New Choices Treatment Centers are committed to welcoming you to our community and supporting your recovery. Reach out today to get your questions answered, or call us at (726) 888-7003 to get the admissions process started.