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Currently, we do not accept insurance.


Therefore, all fees are required to be paid in full prior to treatment starting. If you are not in a financial situation to pay the full amount up front, there are a few financial institutions that provide financing for this type of service.

Contact us so we can go over your options for funding this if you personally cannot pay for this program at this time.

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We have three entrance points for service

Our service is called the Camino Pathway Program but these three entrance points have different costs and additional services can be requested.

Inpatient $27,500  – Covers a 30 day residential treatment, intensive outpatient for 60 days and then 9 months of follow up therapy. This is the most recommended option because research suggests that treatments lasting less than 90 days have lower chances of success.

Day Treatment – $23,500 – Covers 60 day treatment on a daily schedule with 10 months of follow-up therapy. Best option for military personnel who must live on base yet still get treatment.

Intensive Outpatient – $19,500 – Covers 60 day treatment 3 times a week with 10 months of follow-up at no-additional cost. We don’t require 10 months follow-up but highly encourage it.

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Book a Tour

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Come see just how life changing our facilities are.

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